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at FABLAB amsterdam.

Workshop Digital Music w/ software | Rumah Seni Budaya SIKU KELUANG | friday 24022012 | 

thanks for Tuan Coki and Boie [ Geng Fruity Loops Indonesia ]

stars. i’m home -sun-

electrocore vs manticore

opening the HONFablab, fablab yogyakarta. 2011

glitch the http://gli.tc/h/ web | GLI.TC/H 20111

GLI.TC/H is a festival celebrating the glitch! Artists, thinkers, performers, makers && breakers gather to intentionally 
Chicago_USA: Nov 4-6 2011;
Amsterdam_NL: Nov 11-12 2011;
Birmingham_UK: Nov 19 2011;

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MANTICORE | livecoding session at cellsonic#05 2011

see sea

looking for you.

The House Of Natural Fiber (HONF) are proudly to present Cellsbutton#05: Institutional Cells - Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival. 
Cellsbutton#05 will take the theme of “Institutional” as part of Education Focus Program curriculum in 2011. Within 8 days of the festival, Cellsbutton#05 will focus on artistic and communities practices in an “Institutional” form, engaging local and global development and application in art, science and technology within the communities. 
As an annual international community-base festival, Cellsbutton#05 will be a cross-collaborative starting platform for international artists, communities, scientists, researchers, lecturers, inventors, theorists, activists practitioners, to exchange knowledge that beneficial for the society.

Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival

15 - 23 JULI 2011

powered and organized by HONF
Yogyakarta New Media Art Laboratory



"We shape our tools, and they in turn shape us" Marshall Mcluhan

Institution as a tool and medium.

Fulfilling the need for a institution as a medium shaped in society HONF take the headline “Institutional Cells” as the theme Cellsbutton # 05, Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival 2011. “Institutional Cells” expose the various entities vision through creative practices.

Referring to the theme then Cellsbutton # 05 will focus to a variety of institutions who use their movement as a medium. Institution that serves as a bridge or institution that serves as its message.

Institutions are needed to accommodate the small explosions that developed into euphoria in the community. Along with the rapid of information technology, often make the movements disappeared so quickly without realizing a form. This is where the need for institutions on forming bursts into a message that can be read by audiences.



Cellsbutton is an annual community-base organized international media art festival in Yogyakarta, Indonesia initiated by HONF. Since it was started in August 2007, Cellsbutton became the first international media art festival in Indonesia that focus on education. Cellsbutton act as a platform that connect international artist with interdisciplinary people in Indonesia to expand limitless creations and innovations through media art. As part of HONF Education Focus Program [EFP], Cellsbutton is set to became HONF primary instrument to provide the proper dissemination of knowledge, information and networking in media art for the general public in Indonesia especially Yogyakarta; a special province that contain great deal potential of intellectuality from various disciplinal backgrounds and famous as a center for Indonesian higher education. The organizing of the festival was done through the collaboration with the support from local creative communities in Yogyakarta.

video : HONF [adhari donora]
music : HONF [julian abraham]

HONF 2011

lighting : hellowmidnight
M.U.A : poty pitoyo
at liberated studio

lighting : hellowmidnight

M.U.A : poty pitoyo

at liberated studio